POS Systems


Easily manage your products. Take control of your inventory.


Effortless product management. Whether you sell one SKU or thousands, with Sinhalapedia POS, you’ll look forward to managing your catalog. Easily add cost and retail prices, tags, discounts, and perform bulk operations like import & export. Group products by color or size, organize into bundles or split into units. Scan existing barcodes, or print new ones to speed up checkout.


Manage any type of product.


Powerful inventory features. Sinhalapedia’s point of sale system takes the pain out of managing stock, whether you have one store or hundreds. Because it is cloud-based software, you and your staff can instantly see which items are in stock, everywhere, in real time.


Track inventory with Sinhalapedia POS.


Reach more customers. Then keep them coming back.


Take the POS to your customers. Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any retail business. Sinhalapedia POS is mobile, so you can take your point of sale system onto the shop floor, beat the queues and build personal engagement with your customers. Or go truly mobile and hit the road to find new customers and markets.


Build a customer database with Sinhalapedia.


Reward customer loyalty. With a built-in loyalty program, the Sinhalapedia POS system lets you save your customer details in seconds, or offer them incentives to sign up after they leave the store, then keep them coming back by rewarding repeat purchases.


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